In 2004, Amankora became the first international hospitality brand to establish itself in Bhutan. With five lodges across Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Gangtey, and Bumthang. Inspired by Bhutanese tradition, the lodges provide a unique resting place for travelers, with Paro being the largest and Gangtey the most intimate lodge. This pioneering endeavor captures the essence of Bhutan's enchanting allure.

Guest accommodations are consistent across all five Amankora properties, featuring king-size beds, spacious freestanding bathtubs, timber finishes, and window seating that overlooks lush forests. While WiFi is available, televisions are absent, promoting a serene ambiance. In the evenings, guests can request the staff to kindle the bukhari wood-burning stoves in each room, offering the comforting crackle of a fire to lull them to sleep.

Despite the uniformity of guest rooms, each Amankora property offers a distinctive and immersive experience. Amankora Thimphu showcases a blend of Brutalist Bhutanese farmhouse architecture with grand proportions that command attention.

Amankora Punakha boasts a unique journey via a suspension bridge adorned with prayer flags. The property centers around a former Bhutanese farmhouse, now a dining space, with a stone courtyard and an infinity pool offering panoramic views of the Punakha Valley.

Perched above Paro town, Amankora Paro nestles in a pine forest. Its extensive garden features a sunken firepit amidst towering trees and breathtaking views of a mountain-perched temple. For an intimate spiritual experience, guests can arrange private sessions with monks from the temple for meditation and Buddhist teachings.