The Dwarika’s Hotel

The Dwarika’s Hotel

A hotel paying tribute to the architectural and cultural heritage of Nepal.

Dwarika’s Hotel was born out of Mr. Dwarika Das Shrestha’s unwavering commitment to preserving the rich heritage of Kathmandu Valley. It stands as a sanctuary, a testament to the architectural grandeur of the Newari civilization. The hotel’s essence lies in its intricately carved wooden treasures, each artifact being an authentic masterpiece, representing the very soul of Dwarika’s.


Nestled like an oasis amidst the bustling city, Dwarika’s peaceful courtyards proudly showcase the grandeur of architectural wonders, while the meticulously adorned spacious rooms offer a lavish lifestyle deeply rooted in Nepalese culture.


More than just a hotel, Dwarika’s is a labor of love, a realization of architectural heritage conservation, and a place where every guest is treated with the utmost regal hospitality, never merely as a visitor, but as a cherished part of an extraordinary experience.


Throughout the complex, one can find shrines, water sprouts, and other elements that symbolize the rich architectural traditions of the region.