Nepal and Bhutan Family holidays- 2022

Trip Overview

We have consistently experienced exceptional service from Accor Holidays, as we have booked multiple holidays with them. Most recently, they arranged a remarkable journey to Bhutan and Nepal for us, coinciding with Bhutan’s reopening after the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially, we had some concerns, given the circumstances, but our worries quickly dissipated upon arriving in Kathmandu and Paro. The moment we set foot in these destinations, we felt an overwhelming sense of safety and familiarity.

We were immensely pleased with our decision to travel during that period. The airports operated smoothly, and despite the stringent Covid-19 protocols followed by the hotels and local staff, we were warmly embraced and made to feel completely at ease. It almost seemed as if we were longtime residents of these places. The diligence with which everyone adhered to the necessary precautions was evident, yet it never hindered the genuine hospitality and relaxation we experienced throughout our stay.