Trip Overview

Our honeymoon, meticulously planned by Accor Holidays, turned out to be an absolutely incredible journey. Right from our first email, we received a personal touch as Shree, from Accor Holidays, reached out to us directly to discuss our plans. It was evident that he genuinely cared about making our honeymoon exceptional. Not only did he understand our desires and preferences, but he also surprised us with numerous thoughtful touches to make our experience truly special.

Our adventure began with a memorable night in Kathmandu, where we explored the city’s heritage sites and had the extraordinary opportunity to meet the living, Goddess Kumari. From there, we soared to the Everest Base Camp, where we embraced the thin air and savored a delightful breakfast in the world’s highest hotel while marveling at the majestic Everest. In Chitwan, we encountered the captivating One-Horned Rhino and in Pokhara enjoyed a tranquil boating experience on Phewa Lake and seeing the massive mountain ranges.

Accor Holidays’ selection of hotels was truly exceptional, each one offering its own unique charm that we absolutely adored. Throughout our journey, we were accompanied by an amazing tour guide named Rajan, who took care of all our travel needs and provided us with an insider’s view of each place we visited.

Thanks to Accor Holidays and the efforts of Shree, our honeymoon became one of the most enchanting trips we have ever embarked upon. Their meticulous planning, attention to detail, and warm hospitality made every moment truly fascinating and memorable. We are forever grateful for the extraordinary experience they created for us.